Thursday, November 8, 2007

Plan Number What?

Well, I really don't know what plan number I'm up to now, but I just thought of a new way to squeeze this into the room. It's the same basic benchwork, but a somewhat dramatically shifted placement of the major elements of the layout.

I know, I don't even have a picture up of the last plan. I need to redraw them, because what I currently have are sketches that are too hard to decipher if I'm not there to explain it.
If my concept works geometrically, then everything on the lower section of that sketch (the station and arcade) will be in the center of the layout, across the peninsula. This will allow access to both sides of the Commercial Street Yard, and it won't be situated directly above the Whiting Street Yard. It also allows the geometry of the junction to be a little more prototypical. The downside is that it shortens the space available for the Stanley Works.

I might decide to run the Stanley Works behind the mainline east of the station. I didn't want to run one scene behind another like this, but it would lengthen the run considerably. It also depends on how much shelf space I can devote to that side as well.

We'll see.

Also, I just announced the URL on Joe Fugate's site so I might get some traffic. Not sure I'm ready for it...

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