Friday, October 19, 2012

Still working

Well, Dick reminded me (as usual) that I'm waaayy behind on updating my blog. This is largely because I've been busy with True Line Trains stuff, including Twitter (@TrueLineTrains) and Facebook ( Oh, and planning for Trainfest in Milwaukee. Unfortunately it means I will miss the NHRHTA Reunion this year (and I was out of town for the fan trip in Essex).

But, I have managed to work on a few models. I haven't gotten as far as Chris and Pieter, but I've been working on the F&C NH Rebuilt double sheathed box car, the Westerfield NH rebuilt single sheathed box car, and the F&C B&O M-15L/K double door wagontop box car.

I've also been working on the trackwork for Stanley Works, and should be able to connect that into the main layout soon. I'm also pretty close to finalizing my plans for the changes I'm making to the east side of town.

I will try to get a proper update together with pictures this weekend.