Sunday, November 15, 2009

Plans for the rest of the year...

I have a number of things going on which are limiting my modeling as well as additions to the website. I do have some material to add, and I'm also making a decent amount of modeling progress.
 The layout itself remains much as it did at the end of the summer. I have a little bit of work to complete the staging benchwork. I need to construct the helixes, and build the benchwork for the upper, scenicked level. My plans are to complete all of these portions by the end of January.

I won't have a budget for track and turnouts until at least then. So for now, I'll be working on completing the benchwork, and drawing out the trackplan on it once it's done. In the meantime I'm also working on a number of models. I'll be updating the models section over time, although I may not be adding many pictures right now.

I'm also working on upgrading the site itself. Because of some difficulties I have run into, I will most likely be rebuilding the site with the newer versions and moving the data over. I'm not sure how long this will take, butI may try to complete it about the same time I get the basic layout (mainline, at least) operational.

My plans for that will be by the NE Prototype meet on June 4-5, 2010. I'd like to have all of the in-progress models completed by then, in addition to having a mainline to run for visitors. So having the upgraded site by then would be nice as well.

That's it for now...