Saturday, June 22, 2013

Construction update

The changes are coming along and look like they will work well. I've been gluing down track in Stanley Works and the east side of town. The mockup for the west side looks good and should allow for 5 industries.
In addition it looks like I'll be able include at least 7 of the industries on the Berlin line not including the yard area. I was concerned I wouldn't have enough work for that crew.
The only challenge will be Whiting Street Yard. 8 feet really isn't enough for a double ended yard plus a yard lead. But I think can stretch it to about 10 feet with some creative construction. We'll see once I can get some lumber.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Stanley Works track is in

The Stanley Works is finally connected to the rest of the layout. Physically if not electrically. But I can test out what I think the operating scheme will be. They have their own locomotive so this is one job on the layout. If filled to capacity there are spots for 13 cars, plus another 6 on a storage track. Including moving cars from one spot to another, with two inbound and two outbound interchanges with the New Haven daily, they'll be busy. Probably receiving 10-12 cars, and shipping out the same on during a session.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Stanley Works

Mocking up the start of the Stanley Works. The buildings here have to disguise the entrance to the helix and hide the upper level when operating the lower level. They also have to look decent from the upper level and allow you to see the tracks and reach turnouts and uncouple cars when operating the upper level.
These are about 4 stories tall on the lower level, and 2 stories tall on the upper level.
The view as operating on the lower level. That will be a walkway across the tracks.

Looking east where most operation will take place at Stanley Works. 
Once completed, I think this will photograph OK.

The three turnouts will be located within easy reach over the walkway.

I've been able to move the track far enough back from the buildings
so they can be seen (and reached) relatively easily using the step stools.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Working on the layout

Here's a mockup of the Lock Shop Pond photo by Kent Cochrane. The train will be longer, but it won't all fit into the frame anyway. That's the Russell & Erwin power plant trestle in the back.