Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Mom passed away on Thanksgiving morning. She was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last spring. We (and the rest of our family) were with her at her home. I was also there a few weeks earlier over my (40th) birthday. Of course, Mom wanted to get me something. She wanted to find something railroady for me, and went out to shop for books, but naturally the big chains don't really carry the sort of railroad books I'd want.
 In reality, I really wasn't all that interested in a gift anyway. I understood that she wanted to get me something, but regardless of what the gift was, it just felt as if it was terribly insignificant. I didn't want just another model, or a book, or whatever. I knew that we didn't have much longer together and I really wanted to find something that would provide a more lasting memory.

Of course, she really wanted to get me something then, and I picked up a book and a kit. But it wasn't until about a month after her passing that I thought of the gift that would give me a lasting memory of Mom. With a portion of my inheritance I'm planning on picking up a collection of resin kits. And for the years to come, everytime I pull a kit off of the shelf and spend a week or two building it, I will think of Mom, and all of the blessings I have because of her.

Thanks, Mom.