Wednesday, June 22, 2011

So much for frequent updates...

OK, it's been a little hectic and I really need to start moving forward on the layout and posting some updates. My time has been more divided than usual - I was recently laid off and I'm looking for a job, and after 8 years of living in the hospital we're preparing for our daughter Emily to finally come home.

I also designed and built the new True Line Trains website.

The NE Proto Meet was great fun as always. I set up a table for True Line Trains since Darren and the gang wouldn't be able to make it down from Canada. I had the guys over for a quick cookout and look at the layout during the Friday and Saturday dinner breaks.

I've also continued populating this site with new information and I've completed moving about 80% of the old site over.

I have also been working on the layout and I'll be taking some pictures soon and I will really start regular updates (really, I will...)

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