Saturday, July 2, 2011

Poling pockets

I've been continuing work on the layout. I'm moving along on the second helix which has sat at about 75% done for a while. I've got to get to the point where it will connect to the Berlin branch and then have to figure out how to make that connection. After working out my particular process for soldering feeders on the Whiting Street Yard, it took more time to warm up the iron than it did to actually solder feeders to the helix track tonight.
So in the process of moving things around, I had knocked the (empty) box for the NHRHTA/Atlas HH660 on the floor. When I was picking up the exploded view of the locomotives I was looking at the parts and noticed that part #994229 was a 4-pack of poling pockets. They are well done, and on a simple square plate. So I promptly ordered a bunch to add to the Athearn RS-3s that are missing them. They are $0.75 per four pack and there was no additional cost for shipping, so I ordered extras. I'll have to go through the various freight car projects I've got to see if I'll need more.

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