Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I'm on YouTube

I just set up a channel on YouTube:


The first video is of the L-1 going through the New Britain Yard crossovers. This was one of the major tests (along with the I-4) to ensure that the layout as designed would work with steam. It does! Not a great video but it works well enough for this. I don't have a tripod for the Droid, but in the future I'll probably use my regular camera.

So I've been gluing down track, adding feeders, and I can now run trains through a complete loop from staging, up the Berlin Line, through New Britain, and back down through staging.

Dick has trimmed the last pieces of the helix, which I'll be picking up this Thursday so I can complete the full mainline. All that will remain is the west side of town, consisting of the Russell & Erwin sidings, Farm Yard, PF Corbin sidings, Fafnir Bearings Sidings, and Stanley Works. I also have to complete the staging tracks and feeders in staging, but all of the key turnouts are installed.

This last week John Pryke, Chris and I pretty much completed our Steam Presentation for the NHRHTA Reunion in November. We still have a few tweaks and work left on it, but I think it's going to be Awesome! It's been a lot of fun, anyhow, and we're psyched. I look forward to seeing many of you there.

Chris and I also had a great visit and dinner with Bill and Cosette Dulmaine. Great stories and fun, and truly wonderful people.

So we've been busy, but it's that time of the year - the fall visit to RPI is the week before the Reunion this year. I wonder if I'll get roped into dispatching again...

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