Tuesday, August 25, 2020

What else am I working on? Fast Clocks

I will need a fast clock system, and I knew I didn't want a digital one. In addition, since I have an MRC Prodigy system, there isn't a fast clock that ties directly to it like NCE or some others, as that wasn't a feature I cared about having in the DCC system itself.

Instead, I'm using Mike Dodd's analog fast clock system. You can get the controller and movements as kits or pre-built by Mike.

Although I prefer to not have anything sticking out of the fascia, I don't really have any open walls to put the clocks. So I ordered some smaller clocks from Klockit to build into the fascia itself.

Once I build the control panel, I'll install the hands and start testing. I have 4 of the smaller ones to place around the layout, and as many as 4 larger wall clocks that I may be able to find a place for. I want to make sure they are visible for the crews and the Agent.

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