Monday, January 10, 2011

A picture

OK, so my buddy Dick has pointed out to me that I have not provided any new pictures of the layout. So here's one:

The stitching isn't great, but it gets the idea across. You'll also see a whole bunch of incomplete resin models. We're rearranging things and I had to put them someplace...

Plus, it gives me an idea of what a 17-car train will look like on the layout. That's currently the longest staging track that I've got, although I have some space for a couple more tracks if needed.

But, that's where the second bit of news. Thanks to Dick, Chris, Charlie, John and a few others (as well as too much time organizing pictures at the photo library), I'm now modeling steam. Observent readers may have already noticed the Bachmann light mountain in the panorama photo. I've had that for a while. Actually, it's my second. I bought one, sold it, then eventually bought another. That, however, was the easy locomotive to get.

Along with that, I actually bought a brass locomotive. I know, I said I wouldn't do it. Well, I found that I could model some steam by running operating sessions in 1948 as well as the other years I'm planning. I can use an R-1-b, and I should have an I-2. The I-2s are a bit much...for now. In the meantime I have a few photos of an I-4 in New Britain or on the Highland. A fellow modeler was liquidating his collection, and sice the price was 'reasonable' and it was helping out a friend, I went ahead and picked up one of the Custom Brass I-4s. I'll be redetailing it quite a bit, but it's a nice locomotive. Of course, once I've started I know that more steam will follow...

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