Sunday, January 30, 2011


It should come as no surprise that I spent the day up in Springfield yesterday at the Amherst Railway Society Train Show. As always, it was quite an event. Chris and I worked our way through pretty much every booth meeting up with a number of the guys through the way. We go through pretty quickly, so we typically caught up with folks multiple times when we'd see them.

We had a very successful day of shopping, acquiring mostly new resin kits at great prices. Chris was a master at getting a few dollars (at least) of of every sale, except one. The best had to be the one where the dealer charged him $5.00 less than Chris offered for three kits!

Of course, we hung out at the NHRHTA table for a bit, and harassed Ted Culotta and Bill Schneider for a while as well. Afterwards, a group of us, headed over to the Steaming Tender Restaurant for the highlight of the day. Great food and even better company, plus 5 trains passing by - the first with 9 locomotives (several deadheading) in a power move hauling a long string of empty auto racks.

If you haven't been to the show, or the Steaming Tender for that matter, both should be on your list if you're in the area.

Chris, Pete, Darren, Dick, Bill, Dan, Matt, Me and Bill Schneider's coat.

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