Friday, June 7, 2013

Stanley Works

Mocking up the start of the Stanley Works. The buildings here have to disguise the entrance to the helix and hide the upper level when operating the lower level. They also have to look decent from the upper level and allow you to see the tracks and reach turnouts and uncouple cars when operating the upper level.
These are about 4 stories tall on the lower level, and 2 stories tall on the upper level.
The view as operating on the lower level. That will be a walkway across the tracks.

Looking east where most operation will take place at Stanley Works. 
Once completed, I think this will photograph OK.

The three turnouts will be located within easy reach over the walkway.

I've been able to move the track far enough back from the buildings
so they can be seen (and reached) relatively easily using the step stools.

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