Friday, May 29, 2020

New Haven Steam Clinic and Handouts

If you're on Facebook, you can go to the NMRA Group there's another day of virtual clinics.

You can also access it on YouTube if you're not on Facebook.

Clinics run from 6:00 am to 5:00 pm eastern, and I'll be on at 1:00 PM eastern, presenting a clinic Chris Adams and I have done in the past, with assistance from Charlie Dunn and John Pryke:

New Haven Steam: A Detail Study for Modelers Handouts
I've got several handouts available for the clinic.

The main handout is the clinic, minus most of the pictures, also includes:
A list of resources
A list of available models in HO, N, and O scale
A list of HO scale detail parts for NH steam

There is also an NHRHTA document by John Pryke about modeling an R-1-b. While the base model is an Akane brass locomotive, any USRA Light Mountain can be used as the starting point.

There's a list or modifications and parts that Ted Culotta recommended for modifying a Bachmann USRA Light Mountain into an R-1-b.

There's a 1947 Steam Roster covering the classes in the presentation for selecting road numbers for modeling.

You can access all of them here.


I'm excited about the format, because it's mostly a slideshow of, well, New Haven Steam. When we prepared the clinic, the intention was to provide a picture of as many road numbers as possible. Since this will be available on Facebook/YouTube going forward, you can go back to it and pause it on any photo you'd like for future reference.

In a few weeks I'll be doing the first of several clinics on Operations as well. 

Come check out the clinic, and I hope you enjoy all of the clinics today!

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