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Operations: Trains by Year Updated

In the clinic I did for the NMRA, I noted that one advantage of Prototype Modeling is that it narrows your focus and scope, which can save you money too. For example, you may not need as many locomotives as you think.

Perhaps I should listen to my own advice...

I have a full roster of locomotives, all acquired specifically because I needed them for the trains I'd be running in ops sessions. As my research has continued, along with my honing in on what my operating scheme actually is, I've found that I need a lot fewer than I need.

Why is this?
  1. I learned that steam left earlier than expected. I settled on the start of my era as 1946 because I thought that it meant I would be able to run all steam. But the reality is, in order to run steam for the NY/YN freights I have to go back earlier, prior to July 1945 (which means all the way back to 1944 for my late autumn season).
  2. I have narrowed my operating focus to the hours that the Yard Crews are on duty. While I haven't really determined exactly what those hours are, I have a pretty good idea of the window.

For example, I originally thought that for 1946 I'd need:

  • I-class Pacifics for passenger (mostly I-2s, an occasional I-4 or DL-109)
  • J-1 Mikados for YN/NY freights
  • L-1 Santa Fes for OA/AO freights
  • K-1-d for HDX-5
  • R-1-b for ANE-1/EA-2
  • T-2-b 0-6-0s for the Yard Crews
What I actually need is:
  • I-class Pacific for passenger (mostly I-2s, I could run an I-4 or DL-109)
  • S-2s for YN/NY freights
  • T-2-bs
There are no other trains during the session. Not nearly as many locomotives, and only 33% steam. In 1946. Actually, this is probably the same as 1945, although wartime traffic probably added a daytime Maybrook freight with an L-1 Santa Fe. To go with all steam and include the J-1 Mikados would be 1944. There's really no reason I couldn't run sessions in '44 or '45, other than I'd need a different mix of freight cars.

Year-by-year roster now based on my actually operating scheme:
For all years - two 44-tonners plus the Stanley Works HK Porter fireless steam locomotive, except in '46 where I'll still need two T-2-b 0-6-0 switchers instead.

  • I-2/I-4/DL-109
  • K-1-d Mogul 479
  • S-2 0605, 0606

  • I-2/I-4/DL-109
  • K-1-d Mogul 479
  • S-2 0605, 0606

  • I-2/I-4/DL-109
  • S-1 0955 (I just located a photo of 479 in Waterbury on a work train on 9/25/48, so it has been replaced by autumn '48 by 0955)
  • RS-1 0660, 0661
  • RS-2 0502, 0503 (might still be S-2 0605, 0606)

  • DL-109 (original configuration or rebuilt)
  • RS-1 0660, 0661
  • RS-2 0502, 0503
  • S-1 0995

  • Comet
  • H16-44 563, 569 (or rebuilt DL-109)
  • RS-1 0660, 0661
  • RS-2 0502, 0503, 0508
  • S-1 0994 (assigned by October engine assignments, not in September freight schedules)
I have never seen a picture of a DERS-3 (H16-44) in passenger service on the Highland Line, but they are listed as being assigned when delivered.

  • DL-109 (rebuilt)
  • FA-1/FB-1/FB-1/FA-1
  • RS-1 0660, 0661
  • RS-2 0502, 0503
I don't have engine assignments for 1951 (except steam). It's possible that the RS-2s were moved to passenger service by this time (and they wouldn't need to be 0502/3 since they wouldn't need ATS), and the Holyoke freights may have been RS-3s.

  • DL-109 0707 (rebuilt)
  • RS-3 523, 555, 556, 558
  • FA-1/FB-1/FB-1/FB-1

  • RDC-1, 2 and 3

  • RDC-1, 2 and 3
  • RS-3 551, 552 (?? It's listed in the freight schedule, but not engine assignments, these road numbers are from a later year)
It also shows me that the simplest operating session is actually 1953 since there won't be any freights coming through during the session. Once I get both 44-tonners completed, I'll also have all the power I need for the session.

Revised Locomotive Roster 1946-1954:

  • 44-tonner 0802, 0805 (W&R with Bachmann chassis)
  • Comet (Con-Cor)
  • DL-109 (original configuration) 0703 (Proto 1000)
  • DL-109 (rebuilt) 0707 (Overland)
  • FA-1/FB-1/FA-1 (repainted) (Proto 2000) I can also substitute a Rapido FB-2 in '51/2
  • H16-44 563, 569 (Atlas)
  • I-2 1300, 1324 (Crown Custom)
  • I-4 1383 (alternate) (Broadway Limited)
  • K-1-d 479 (New England Rail Services)
  • RDC-1 21, 23, 26, 29 (Rapido)
  • RDC-2 120 (Rapido)
  • RDC-3 126, 129 (Rapido)
  • RS-1 0660, 0661 (Atlas)
  • RS-2 0502, 0503 (Proto 1000)
  • RS-3 523, 555, 556, 558 (Athearn)
  • S-1 0955, 0994 (Proto 2000)
  • S-2 0605, 0606 (Atlas)
  • Stanley Works HK Porter Fireless Steam (kitbash with Mantua chassis)
  • T-2-b 2446 and 2???
Locomotives that are now nice to have, but not "required"
L-1 Santa Fe (2)
J-1 Mikado (2)
K-1-b Mogul
R-1-b Mountain
More than 2 RS-1s, RS-2s, and the number of RS-3s is reduced as well.

May not need (these are included in the roster above). In particular train 131/136 in 1948 could be an I-2, I-4, or DL-109.

I-4 Pacific

Depending on some of the choices I make, that's 14 to 20 locomotives that I don't need anymore. Not that I'm necessarily going to eliminate any of these, but it does allow me to consider thinning the herd, or at least prioritize which ones to get running first.

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