Tuesday, April 16, 2019

More weathering experiments

Some more experimentation with weathering a reefer.

In an earlier post I had tried out Vallejo's Weathering Set for Yellow/Gray Vehicles.

For Christmas I had gotten the Vallejo Dust and Dirt Pigment Set and when cleaning up the basement tried it out on half of one side of the model.

 I asked for the set, because the weathering set included one bottle of a pigment. It's a dry powdered pigment that recommend you use dry, or using their airbrush thinner to wet the side first, or by using a pigment binder which lets you use more of the pigment to make a thicker layer of mud crusted on the model. I just used it dry to see how it would work. On the sides I used the Yellow Ochre and Desert Dust. On the hinges and around the framing that shows on the side sill I also used some of the black and Burnt Umber. I really like the way it looks.

You can clearly see the difference, with the additional weathering with the pigments on the right half. I particularly like the way the hinges came out. I have not tried a clear coat yet to see how much it might alter the finish.

You can see how the right side looks, well, dusty. It looks really good in person too.

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