Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Whiting Street Yard, Stanley Works, etc.

So now that the ops session and layout tour is done, time to get moving on Whiting Street, since I can leave the liftout down for a while.

All the track is in place. The dark brown between the tracks are 3/4" strips of masonite to keep the spacing correct. Now I need to start tacking things down (glue in a few places) and get some feeders in place to test it and make sure everything works before I make things too permanent.

A little bonus is that I discovered I could cut away the foam where the Track Scale House goes, and actually "plant" the structure.

The immediate next job is to finish reconnecting the Berlin Line to the Highland Line. I can run some mock sessions to see how car movements will work.

Stanley Works
I printed out the templates for the Microengineering yard system turnouts and started mocking up around Myrtle Street. Well, that was the plan. Instead I had some ideas of how to do Stanley Works and worked around the entire upper section:

They will work fantastic, and the modifications will allow at least 10 more spotting locations at Stanley Works, and better fit Fafnir and Corbin Screw. I need to draw some sketches to show why I'm making the changes, but as it turns out it will be even better than I expected.

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