Thursday, March 9, 2017

I-1 #1001 Eastbound c1946-7

This photo of I-1 #1001 leaving the station is the only photo I have from this perspective. Another Kent Cochrane photo, the date is unknown but c1946-7.

The first car behind the locomotive is a coach converted from the Besler steam train. It was a streamlined trainset that consisted of a combine power car and a coach. Some amazing footage is available on YouTube.

Frequent mechanical failures resulted in the railcar being converted to a combine and the coach in 1943. Crown Custom imported the railcar along with the ex-Besler combine and coach. I have the coach.

Although the second head-end car looks more like a baggage car than an RPO and #472 is the only one that I'm aware of that would be hauling a second one, I don't think it's that train as it arrived in New Britain at 8:24 PM, picked up the storage mail for the day, and left at 8:30 PM. This would be the wrong place to be taking a photo at that time of the evening, and the shadows are all wrong.

The heavyweight looks like one of the classes that is a match for the NKP brass coach identified as an O&W coach.

This is probably the best photo that includes the crane assigned to New Britain, and is enough to confirm that it's the same type as seen in a Shoreliner article on Fall River. More on that later.

The gondola is an older class of 6,500 hopper-bottom gondolas built for the New Haven between 1906 and 1911, and rebuilt in the mid-twenties. A nice picture of a group of these rebuilt cars in May 1925 is on pg. 541 of New Haven Power. It appears the hoppers have been removed.

I can't make out any detail on the two freight cars, unfortunately.

Note the line poles, most of the water column is hidden behind the speed limit sign. Also, the two-story gateman's shanty is entirely out of view behind the train. There's also a very tall light post that I've never noticed before near the station. I'll need to look into that a bit more. These will probably be the only signals on the layout as well, although I'd like to make them operational.

There are a few automobiles in the photo, maybe an expert in pre-50 autos can identify them for me? I wonder if the one to the right of the train was Kent Cochrane's?


  1. No expert at anything, can't blow up photo enough, therefore best guess at autos left to right...

    39-40 Hudson, they had rear fenders that covered much of the rear wheel opening and split rear window.

    39 Plymouth, square-ish headlight bezels.

    35 Dodge, flat back with spare tire mount (no trunk)trunk models had side mounts,large one piece rear window, free standing headlights.


  2. Thanks Joe, that's a great help. It's pretty much a question I have about all of the pictures.