Wednesday, February 16, 2022

New Haven Roadswitcher Paint Schemes

In preparation for a clinic on the DERS-2b (RS-2) locomotives, I started updating the spreadsheet I've created for New Haven paint schemes. Since I was already looking through photos for that, I decided to update it for all New Haven road switchers. It now includes all of the schemes applied to all DERS and DEY classes.

DERS-2c (RS-3) 554 with extra eastbound at Wooster St. New Britain.
Thomas J McNamara slide, date unknown.

Any entry that has a date is either the known date applied (the first scheme is the build date of that locomotive), or a "by date" which means I had a dated photo to work from and it had that scheme by that date. If I don't have a date, but I've confirmed a scheme it just has a "Y". 

Green cells indicates that I have verified it didn't carry that particular scheme, instead it still carried a prior one.

Grey cells indicate a scheme that were never worn by any locomotives in that class.

I've also noted the condemnation or date sold in the notes, or "to PC" if it was still on the roster for the Penn Central merger.

I was surprised to see that the P&L diagrams noted that the Alpert/Trustees scheme was designated for the DERS-4, 5, and 6 classes. I haven't seen any of these locomotives in anything but the "Road Switcher" scheme they wore when delivered.

New Haven Diesel Locomotive Paint Schemes Spreadsheet

I will eventually update it with the DER classes.

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