Thursday, November 28, 2019

Crossing Shanty Part V

Happy Thanksgiving!

As promised, I'll actually finish this model. Well, except perhaps for some weathering.

Anyway, next up was the roof. I started by measuring 3 scale feet up the roof with my HO scale caliper.

This gave me a line to work with. I used paper medical tape for the roofing material, we always have a lot on hand for our daughter, Emily.

I put the tape a little above the line so there will be some overlap. I marked it along the corner with pencil, then cut along those lines. I left it long so I could trim it after it was attached to the roof. I used Aleene's full strength so I wouldn't have to rely only on the stick of the tape.

I used the same basic process for the peak of the roof.

I then measured out strips for covering the corners.

I painted the roof with a spray can of Rustoleum Flat Black Primer, and hand painted the stack with Citadel Chainmail, which is essentially a black/silver mix.

I then made the storage box from .060" styrene, and covered it with 2"x6" boards and painted with the same Tamiya Dark Earth as the tower. I actually made it too tall, so I used another Dick Otto technique and sanded off 6" with 60-grit sandpaper.

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  1. Looks really awesome! And yeah - I would have measured 3 feet on the tape, cut the tape, THEN applied it. The way you did it (applying the tape full-width and trimming to fit) is much more effective and I bet much easier!