Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Maybrook Mix

With the recent announcement of new FA-1/FB-1s from Rapido (it's about time!), I'll want to be prepared for adding the Maybrook freights.

Modeling buddy Mike Clements recently pointed me (back to) Julian Erceg's fantastic site Moving the Freight. Specifically the Traffic Study of Maybrook Freight in 1957.

While it's a fascinating study, I'd recommend reading the whole thing and I'll be pulling more info from it, the initial use I'll get from it is working out a mix of routes.

For example, Maybrook to Hartford traffic in January '57 through Maybrook was routed via:

  • Erie 31%
  • LHR 34%
  • LNE 8%
  • O&W 24%
  • NYC 2%

Maybrook to Holyoke was:

  • Erie 23%
  • LHR 55%
  • LNE 9%
  • O&W 14%

The Wheel Report data also provides great info. Traffic to Hartford in average carloads from:

  • Maybrook 58 (44%)
  • New York 44 (33%)
  • East 16 (12%)
  • Cedar Hill 15 (11%)

East would be from Boston as well as CV via New London, etc. The Cedar Hill cars probably include transloaded LCL and cars from locals and industries that route via Cedar Hill.

This will be great information to incorporate into the routing information on waybills, and may also impact the mix of road names represented in these trains.


  1. Great information, thanks for the heads up!

    Joe Smith

  2. And then the O&W folded - taking a total 14-24% of the traffic with it. It'd be so cool to see what this report would have looked like in '58. Very cool info for sure!

  3. The report actually includes January and August, 1957, so it includes the before/after of the end of the O&W. The traffic is routed primarily through LHR and Erie, other than traffic via Springfield which he notes is now routed via B&A.